NEWS – INFORCE Introduces New Website

INFORCE logo2My buddy Matt from INFORCE informed me that they launched a new website today. INFORCE is very well know for making some awesome handheld and weapon mounted lights such as the famous WML.  Their old sight was nice but wasn’t very easy to pick a specific light and learn more about just that one.  If you are interested in learning more about the INFORCE line of lights, now is a great time to check out their new website.  Their latest light making waves is the APL which stands for Auto Pistol Light.  Check it out at www.INFORCE-Mil.com.  I included a picture of one of my rifles with an INFORCE WML mounted right up front for your viewing pleasure.  😉

AXTS BC INFORCE Centurion BAD Magpul Aimpoint Troy - Edited copy of IMG_4390