Sneak Peek!! NEW GPI Custom Gunworks Billet Ambi AR-15 Lower Receiver

A while back a buddy of mine, DMack over at Ranger Proof, introduced me to GPI Custom Gunworks.  Since then I have really become a big fan.  One of their more recent projects is the much anticipated War Sport Industries LVOA.  They not only put out some awesome products but they get involved in special project such as the Limited Edition Ranger Proof rifle to benefit our wounded soldiers which sold out in a few hours.  Just recently they started releasing pics of their brand new Billet Ambi AR-15 lower receiver and this thing looks awesome. 

GPI Custom AR-15 Billet Set 1

The lower will have full ambi controls using a TROY ambi mag release and an integrated ambi Bolt Release.  One very unique feature is the shorter magwell which I could see being a nice style for fast mag changes.  They also have some nice accents like the serrated areas for finger rests, integrated winter trigger guard and the Two-Headed Dragon logo looks pretty sweet.  Another thing I noticed about these is that the finish looks extremely nice.  My guess is that you will be able to get them in your choice of color once they are released.  As you can see in the pictures they aren’t afraid to try some custom colors. 

GPI Custom AR-15 Billet Set 2

GPI Custom AR-15 Billet Set 3

GPI Custom AR-15 Billet Set 4

Overall, I would say this is going to be an awesome lower for anyone to start a build with.  I personally have not heard anything regarding price or exact availability date but would expect to hear something very soon.  As soon as I do I will be updating this article and will share with you guys.  In the mean time I’ve put some links below for you to check out.  First are the GPI Custom Gunworks Facebook page and website.  Second is the Ranger Proof Facebook page and blog as he’s been doing all of the T&E of this lower for them to make sure its perfect.