**AR-15 30 Round Polymer Mags In-Stock**

I just received a message from the owner of Shellback Tactical (a retailer I know and trust) that right now, at the time of the publishing of this article, they have 74 Black and 55 Flat Dark Earth 30 Round TangoDown ARC polymer mags instock and ready to ship.  Not sure how these are still in stock.  TangoDown ARC mags are actually really nice mags.  Some people prefer them over Magpul if you can get over the “fanboyitis”.  This may be one of the last places you’ll be able to pick up a few 30 rounds magazines for a while so don’t wait very long.  Shellback is a great company and I’ve personally purchased from them.  Very quick shipping and just all around great guys!  Link for purchasing is below.

TangoDown ARC Family

Purchase AR-15 30 Round TangoDown ARC polymer mags from ShellbackTactical.com.

**UPDATE:  We sold out their entire stock of TangoDown ARC mags in just 15 minutes.**