SNEAK PEEK!! New Griffin Armament .308 Flash Comp

Griffin Armament LogoGriffin Armament just released a picture of their new .308 Flash Comp which they will be introducing at SHOT Show 2013.  They already have a pretty impressive line of Suppressors, Comps and Flash Hiders.  The .308 Flash Comp is a non-suppressor mount but is very similar to their M4SD II Flash Comp which is currently available for 5.56 chambered rifles.  With a 5/8×24 thread pattern this should be compatible with most 7.62 variant barrels including my favorite, 300AAC Blackout.  Based on the sizing in the photo below, the .308 Flash Comp (on the right) would be plenty long enough to bring a 14.5″ barrel to 16″ overall if you pinned and welded it as the 5.56 model (on the left) is 2.25″ long.  If you’re headed to SHOT Show in Vegas be sure to stop by and check these guys out.  Otherwise it sounds like these should be available very soon.  

Griffin Armament .308 Flash Comp

“New and in time for SHOT in 2013- the .308 Flash Comp is here. The flash comps offer improved flash signature reduction, slightly higher recoil reduction, slightly improved muzzle stability over our standard tactical compensators.”  

Be sure the take a look at GriffinArmament.com and the Griffin Armament Facebook Page.