Pre-Order The FORTIS REV Rail At Introductory Price

Fortis-logo2Fortis Manufacturing has partnered up with Rainier Arms to offer a pre-order for the very first full production run of the FORTIS REV 12″ rail system.  I have been playing around with a pre-production model for a few weeks now and it is super light, looks amazing and feels great.  For those of you questioning the availability of KeyMod accessories, there are many manufacturers producing components for KeyMod right now including our good friends over at Impact Weapons Components.  The normal retail price for the FORTIS REV 12″ is going to be $209.95 but those who get in on the pre-order will get it for just $179.95.  In a market where many manufacturers are marking their products up, its refreshing to see someone bringing you a new product and giving you a discount on it too even though they could without a question get full retail for it.  The introductory pricing is only good on the first 100 units so jump on the opportunity now while you can.  You’ll love this rail. 

Fortis Manufacturing Rail System Pre-order 1

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Fortis REV™ is an extremely lightweight yet robust free floating rail system. When designing the REV™, we didn’t want just another rail system, we wanted a better, lighter, feature rich handguard that was robust and within budget. We’ve managed to reduce as much weight as possible while maintaining strength by utilizing a 1 piece body design. KeyMods were added at the 6 & 9 O’clock positions for modularity and additional weight savings. It’s unique mounting system captures a standard AR15 barrel nut for easy installation. Check out all the features and see for yourself why the Fortis REV™ beats the competition.


–   Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

–   Finish: Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized

–   Length: 12″

–   Weight 9.4 Ounces

–   Contiguous Top Rail

–   Rotation Limited QD Sockets

–   KEYMOD at the 3 & 9 O’clock

–   Anti-Rotation Tabs (Fits Forged Uppers)

–   Uses Standard AR15 Barrel Nut (Not Included)

–   Made in the USA!  Small Made in USA flag

INTRODUCTORY PRICE: Rainier Arms is proud to introduce the Fortis REV™ to the shooting community. We’ve been authorized to offer special pricing on the first 100 units. Due to the heightened demand for AR parts, we should be shipping later in January or early February.