TacStrike Takes It To The Next Level With Target Financing

TacStrike Logo NEWAs many of you guys are aware, TacStrike is the industry leader when it comes to Steel Targets and innovative target systems.  To be the best means never cutting corners NO MATTER THE COST.  Setting up your personal or business range with Steel Targets isn’t the cheapest way to go and Rob (owner of TacStike) knows that.  This is why they have teamed up with the guys over at GunFinancing.com to offer financing on 4 popular packages that will instantly turn your boring range into a state of the art Steel Target Range.  The first three packages are your choice of either 4, 6 or 8 Quarter Scale Steel Targets.  The 4th package is called the Range Master and includes 4 Quarter Scale Steel Targets and 4 Full Size Fat Boy Steel Targets. 

TacStrike Steel Quarter and Full Scale Targets

There are multiple financing options to choose from which include a 6 months 0% option.  I have a feeling that there are plenty of gun ranges and home ranges out there that have been wanting to upgrade their range but couldn’t stomach the upfront cost all at one time.  Now you can have up to 24 months to absorb the cost.  Take a look at the “TacStrike Targets With Financing”, just another level in the top notch service at TacStrike.com.