SLR Rifleworks Intrepid 12″ Handguard – Now In-Stock!!

The guys over at SLR Rifleworks are happy to announce that their new Intrepid Hanguards are starting to roll in.   First to be available right now is the 12″ model and will be followed by the 7″ (carbine length) model.  I had a chance to get my hands on one of the pre-production models a while back to take some pics of it and was pretty impressed.  It felt really good and definitely looks pretty sweet.  The rail comes with a phosphate coated steel barrel nut to replace the standard barrel nut which can be installed using standard wrenches you have at home instead of needing to buy more tools.  Once the new barrel nut is on the rail slides on in seconds.  While you’re there you should also take a look at their DA7 Adjustable Gas Block as well.


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The SLR Rifleworks Intrepid Series Handguard can be purchased directly from SLRRifleworks.com.