Complete LPK’s In-Stock at M&A Parts

The other day one our readers told me that M&A Parts had some Lower Parts Kits in-stock.  I’ve noticed lately that a lot of websites seem to have removed their “In-Stock/Out-of-Stock” status indicators from their storefront so I didn’t want to just take this information and run with it.  I promptly sent them an email asking if their Lower Parts Kits (they call them Lower Parts Sets) were in-stock and if so how many are available.  I received a partial answer earlier today that said simply that they are in-stock.  Unfortunately they did not say how many kits they have.  So keep in mind that there may only be 10 or their may be 1,000 but I have no idea.  I’m just sharing the information with you guys.  I personally have not dealt with M&A before but I have talked to people who have and not one had anything bad to say.  If you need a Lower Parts Kit this might be your best chance for a while.  Order yours now for $75 at MAPartsInc.com

LPK at MAPartsInc

Kit includes:  Pistol grip, screw, washer, Trigger, pin, spring, Hammer, pin, spring, Disconnector, spring, Safety Selector, spring, Bolt Stop, spring, roll pin, plunger catch, Buffer Detent, spring, Mag Catch, button, spring, Trigger Guard, roll pin, Detent Safety Select, Spring, Front TD Pivot Pin, detent, spring, Rear TD Pin, detent, spring.  31 pieces total.