NEW!! Tactical Walls Concealment Options

A while back we introduced you guys to an awesome new product called Tactical Walls.  These are inserts (Large and Small option) that allow you to discretely store items in your walls where you can still get to them.  These can easily be hidden behind a mirror or shelving unit etc. but a large majority of you guys said you would prefer to have a bundle package where the storage unit came with the concealment piece.  Well, Tactical Walls has totally delivered on this one.  They have been working their butts off to create concealment options that will make you feel like James Bond I think they have come up with two major league home runs.  Both of these are on pre-order right now and will be shipping next month.  If you get in on the pre-order you get free shipping.  Check out these awesome options below. 

The first option is the Series 1410 Concealment Cover and Insert Bundle.  As we mentioned before, this is for those of you who don’t need a large storage compartment.  The 1410 will easily conceal a handgun or two, knives, ammo, flashlight, etc but no rifle.  Because of the smaller size of the 1410 it can be concealed behind smaller objects so Tactical Walls was able to create a smaller mirror complete with frame, shelf and hooks which would be perfect to install where you hang your coats or keys, etc.  When closed this unit looks like something you would purchase from a home furnishing store.  To open you pull out on the center peg and push up on the shelf to gain access to your concealed stash.  Wood finish colors options are Black, Walnut, Cherry and Early American.

Tactical Walls Small Container with Concealment Cover 1

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The second option is the Series 1450 Concealment Cover and Insert Bundle.  Now this to me is the ultimate concealment option.  This bundle comes with the 1440 which is the larger storage compartment and a 1410 to give you a 14″ wide, 50″ tall and 3.5″ deep opening of usable space.  If you’re going to take the time to cut open a wall and install one of these inserts why not go all out and get one you can actually store an AR-15 in along with handguns, knives, ammo, etc.  With this setup you are ready for anything!   I also love the look of the of the concealment option for this package.  It again looks just like a tall mirror I would go out and buy from the store but there is so much more than meets the eye with these.  Simply slide the mirror to the right to gain complete access to what might just save your life when the time comes.  The fact that it slides to the side is a plus to me as it makes it so it doesn’t matter how high on the wall you mount it.  Just mount it right where you want it and its ready. 

Tactical Walls Large Container with Concealment Cover 1

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Click on the links above or head on over to TacticalWalls.com for more information.