Umbrella Corp. Weapons Research Group Lowers Go On Sale Tonight at 9pm EST!!

The Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group is releasing a very small batch of their awesome AR15 lower receivers over the course of this weekend.  The first set of 100 will release at 9pm EST tonight, Friday 1/25/13 and will run until supply is gone.  Another 100 lowers will also be released Saturday and Sunday as well at 5pm EST for a total of 300 lowers to be sold.  There is no limit on the number you are allowed to buy but the pricing is different.  Your first one is just $175, while each additional one is $250.  This should curb those looking to buy a bunch and turn them for a profit.  I’m sure these will go very fast but I wanted to give you guys a heads up.  If you are lucky you might be able to snag one.  You can purchase yours at www.UCWRG.com.  Good luck!  If you would like more information regarding the reason for the pricing structure you can read HERE.

01-24-13-1 UCWRG TB

01-24-13-1 UCWRG TB

Any attempt to circumvent or cheat our pricing structure will result in all orders being cancelled! Please see our Newsletter link for details and further explanation.

While our forged lower receivers exhibit a very high level of fit and finish, it’s simply not just the quality of the machining that separates Umbrella lowers from the rest. We are meticulous with our inspection protocol to insure every receiver shipped represents premium manufacturing synonymous with the brand. We’ve added a simple chamfer to the grip interface for easy installation of even the most stubborn designs. And unlike many forged lowers, our magwell bevel is extreme for faster reloads. The deep laser engraved umbrella consumes thirty minutes of machine time alone but it’s the only way to get such a crisp and well defined logo. The excellence is in the details. Umbrella Corporation AR-15 forged lower receivers are made to the finest standards and carry an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure. Assembly by a qualified Armorer is required.


–   Precision machined from Aerospace 7075 Aluminum Alloy forging, T6 Temper

–   Certified MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, Hard Anodic Coating, Flat Black Dye, Non-Reflective, NiAc Seal

–   TDP/Mil standard take down and fire control pin dimensions

–   Chamfered interface for ease of aftermarket grip installation (patent pending)

–   Kaiser chemical composition certifications for the 7075 Aluminum

–   Anchor-Harvey certifications for raw forgings verifying physical properties and aged condition

–   Anderson Laboratories independent analysis verifying both Kaiser and Anchor-Harvey’s specifications

–   Post machining operational reports

–   Anodizing QC certificates of compliance

–   Precision broached magazine well

–   Dimensional accuracy inspection

–   Sharp edges meticulously de-burred by hand

–   Inert media blast for uniform finish

–   Archaic selector stops machined away

–   Pictograph selector markings

–   No caliber specification for build versatility

–   AR-15 classic model designation

–   Text and logo high power laser engraved prior to anodize

–   Deep magwell bevel to the limit of a standard forging

–   All components, material, and packaging made in the USA