**Aimpoint PRO Tip** No More “Reach Over”

Not sure why I dont see many people doing this but I do this on mine and its a great easy adjustment.  An Aimpoint PRO comes from the factory with the Brightness Control/Battery Compartment positioned on the right side (see first picture below) which makes it harder to adjust with your off hand (unless you shoot lefty).  If you loosen the clamp on the mount you can rotate the PRO counter clockwise 90 degrees.  This positions the control on the left side for easier access and the windage/elevation have now swapped locations and are easier to adjust now as well.  This isn’t rocket science and I am in no way taking credit as the first person to do this.  I just wanted to make more people aware that 1.  This is something anyone can do and 2.  Its okay to mess around with your gear and try different things to make it better suited to you!  I seriously have maybe seen 1 or 2 other people do this but I’m sure its more popular than that.  Just be sure to align one adjustment knob at 12 o’clock and one at 9 o’clock and you’ll be good to go.  Now if we could just do this to an Aimpoint T-1 we’d be all set (I’m claiming intellectual property on the T-1 left handed control mount 🙂 ).  


Aimpoint Pro Tip 1


Aimpoint Pro Tip 2