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NEW!! Magpul MBUS Pro

Posted on April 30th, 2013 by ar15news

Is it sad that I’m so excited about the new Magpul MBUS Pro?  Not at all!  I think this is one of the coolest new products to come out in some time and not just because nobody else is making new products right now either.  The MBUS Pro is about to make a huge splash in the AR15 world.  Forget Polymer!  These things are Steel, are very reasonably priced and look absolutely awesome.  The BUIS segment of the AR15 accessory market has been so boring for years that its about time to see someone do this and I’m glad it was Magpul.  Now other companies are going to have to really step up their game to compete.  Check out the details below.  The new Magpul MBUS Pro will be available by late summer 2013 and you can expect to see a pair or two on my guns very soon after…because I’m buying some!  

Magpul_MBUS Pro 01

Magpul_MBUS Pro 03

Magpul MBUS Pro Rear Sight

• All steel construction
• Selectable large and small same-plane apertures
• Positive detents in both the up and down positions
• .375″ height above rail at mid-point when stowed
• Standard AR sight height when deployed
• Windage adjustable with low-profile knob


Magpul_MBUS Pro 02


Magpul MBUS Pro Front Sight

• All steel construction
• Elevation adjustment knob – no tools required
• Positive detents in both the up and down positions
• .432″ height above rail at tallest point when stowed
• Standard AR sight height when deployed
• Stowed footprint covers less than 1 5/8″ of rail




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