**SOLD OUT!!** Need 5.56 Ammo? Buy Some HERE!!

If you’re in the market for some good 5.56 ammo and want more than three 2o round boxes, right now you are probably very frustrated with how things are going.  You either can’t find much if any, what you do find is over priced and a lot of it is junk.  Well, a guy that I know and trust has gotten his hands on 50K rounds of Lake City M855 Green Tip and he is selling all of it and at a very fair price.  No this is not some guy I met in the WalMart parking lot.  His name is Steve Aryan, he was the Director of Training for the United States Shooting Academy, teaches now at Shooting Performance and is also the owner of Greyfox.  He’s good to go.  You can choose between 1,000 rounds for just $570 or 500 rounds for just $285.  The best way to secure some for yourself is to email him at SOLD OUT .  Its first come first serve so get on it and get food for your hungry AR’s.  

M855 Lake City Green Tip Ammo