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NEW!! Fortis Manufacturing Low Profile Gas Block

Posted on July 15th, 2013 by ar15news

Fortis Manufacturing has really been cranking out the new products lately. As you may remember we introduced you guys to Fortis when they debuted their sling attachment products. They then introduced an amazing KeyMod rail called the REV and a very sweet mount for the Aimpoint T-1/H-1 called the F-1 Optics Mount.  Well they’re at it again and just introduced a new Low Profile Gas Block.

All of the Fortis products have a very distinct look and feature the Fortis logo and you’ll notice a parallelogram (That’s right, I do know a couple big words) shape used throughout with exception of the sling mounts. These new gas blocks follow those same guidelines and look sweet. They are offering two versions of the Low Profile Gas Blocks because one is pinnable and one is not. Pinnable or not, they both use 2 set screws to help hold it in place. I would imagine if you pinned the gas block and used 2 set screws its pretty safe to say its not going to budge. Check out the details and pics below.

Fortis Manufacturing Low Profile Gas Block 1

Fortis Manufacturing Low Profile Gas Block 1

Fortis low profile gas block is designed to work in conjunction with today’s match grade barrels. Don’t want to mar your barrel installing the gas block? Neither do we! So rock this new gas block and put those concerns to bed. The Fortis LP gas block is designed for .750 gas seats and attaches to the barrel with two set screws. The gas block comes with a roll pin as well as two set screws.

I personally own 2 Fortis REV rails and one Fortis F-1 Optics Mount and love them. High quality, lightweight and plenty of value. As with all Fortis weapon accessories/parts, this low profile Gas Block is made right here in the USA! Small Made in USA flag

Fortis Manufacturing Low Profile Gas Block  –  Non-Pinnable  –  $55

Fortis Manufacturing Low Profile Gas Block  –  Pinnable  –  $55

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