NEW!! AR15 Side Charging Handle from Gun Fighter Gear

The new AR15 Side Charging Handel from Gun Fighter Gear is a new take on the traditional side charger. It basically is an AR15 charging handle that, instead of the normal latch, it has an extended arm that follows the left side of the upper receiver and forward allowing you to operate the Charging Handle from about 3/4 of the way up the receiver instead of at the rear. 

Most people who go with a side charging handle do so because of the ease of use with larger optics and the ability to charge the weapon without moving the shooters face from their cheek weld. The benefit to this specific side charger is that you can manipulate the bolt hold/release with your left hand while it is still on the Charging Handle. Without spending some time using it myself I can’t say that there would really be any further benefits of this style of Side Charging Handle. It may be easier to grab while using larger optics but because its up at the same height as the charging handle it may cause additional issues with mounts, etc which was hinted at in the video. By not removing the charging handle all together like a traditional side charger, depending on your cheek weld, the rear of the charging handle seems like it would be coming very close to your face while charging. You also will still have issues manipulating the charging handle if you’re using a Cheek Riser. Check out the pics and video below. Would love to hear your input on this product.

Gun Fighter Gear AR15 Side Charging Handle 1 620

Gun Fighter Gear AR15 Side Charging Handle 1 620


For more information regarding this product or to purchase one for yourself, head on over to GFGear.com.

**I originally saw this posted on TheFirearmBlog.com.