**GREAT DEAL** High Quality Nickel Boron .308 BCG – Just $218

**7/3/14  –  We’ve recently heard that some of our followers who ordered these BCG’s from SOW have still not received them almost a year later. We can no longer recommend that you purchase this BCG or anything else for the matter from SOW. We do our best to vet those we help promote but sometimes stuff happens that is out of our control.**

Yesterday, I was contacted by the guys at Shadow Ops Weaponry and they offered to give you guys an amazing deal on a Nickel Boron .308 BCG. Based on the specs and the images on their website this looks like a really nice .308 BCG and the fact that it is coated in Nickel Boron makes it even better. If you own a .308 AR you know just how hard it is to find a deal on parts for these guns. This is by far the best deal on a .308 NiB BCG in quite some time. These BCG’s are compatible with DPMS patterned .308 rifles, so if that is what you have or plan on building, you best jump on this deal now. JUST FYI: When you put in the code “AR15NEWS308” at checkout the price will adjust down to $235.60 but that includes Colorado tax.  Once you create your log in and put in your shipping info it will drop down to $218. Head on over the xxx to order one for yourself. 

SOW 308 NiB FA BCG 1

SOW 308 NiB FA BCG 1

SOW 308 NiB FA BCG 1

THIS IS THE BEST DEAL you will see ANYWHERE in the US on a complete .308 / 7.62 NATO Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group NIB-X Full Auto Cut

This is a PREMIUM .308 7.62×51 Complete Bolt Carrier Group with Nickel Boron Coating, and we’re offering it for less than you can get a plain parkerized elsewhere.

This item is DPMS LR308 / Knights Armament SR25 compatible, it does not work in Armalite AR-10 or Rock River .308 Rifles.

We offer RISK FREE, with 100% paid return shipping if you do not like it!

Key Features:
–  308 7.62×51 Nickel Boron Complete Bolt Carrier Group NIB-X FA
–  7.62×51 – .308 WIN caliber
–  DPMS Compatible
–  Nickel Boron coated -40% more wear resistant than chrome plating, with an ultra-low friction coefficient.
–  Bolt – carpenter 158 steel, case hardened, shot peened, magnetic particle inspected.
–  Extractor – includes black buffer, black o-ring, and spring.
–  Gas Key – properly staked grade 8 heat treated fasteners
–  Carrier – 8620 steel, heat treated, and case hardened.
–  Full-Auto Cut (Non-NFA Item) – LEGAL ALL 50 STATES