NEW!! Elzetta Design 650 and 900 Lumen Lights and Components

For the last few months Elzetta Design has been hinting around about a new “High Output” head for their already super popular, 100% USA Made, ZFL-M60 flashlight. The ZFL-M60 is widely regarded as the most indestructible tactical flashlight available. We all assumed that they would unveil something around 500 lumens. Boy were we in for surprise when they introduced the “Bravo” which is a 650 lumen 2-cell model and “Charlie” which is a 900 lumen 3-cell model. 

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 1

You can obviously go right on the Elzetta website and order a complete Flashlight. The are completely modular so when you do you get to choose which Tail Cap you want, which body (2-cell or 3-cell), which head (standard ZFL-M60 235 lumen or new High Output Head) and which bezel you want (standard/low profile or Crenelated).

You may have also noticed in the picture above that the body of the already very popular ZFL-M60 and the new Bravo and Charlie lights look the same. That’s because they are. If you are lucky enough to own a ZFL-M60 2-cell or 3-cell body you don’t need to order the complete Bravo or Charlie flashlight. As with all of the other components of the Elzetta flashlight, you can just buy the new High Output Head separately and attach it to your flashlight. The Bravo and Charlie models share the exact same heads. With their patent pending AVS Technology, put the High Output Head on a 2-Cell body and it knows to work at 650 lumens, put it on the 3-cell body and it automatically boosts it up to 900 lumens. Now that is awesome and cost effective!

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 2

Because it uses the same 2 or 3 Cell body as the ZFL-M60 it retains the same compact size that is easy to handle yet very rugged and unbreakable. It will still use all of the same light mounts as the original Elzetta ZFL-M60 so it will be easy to attach to your weapon. They are also small enough that they can be used as a handheld tactical light. Having a 650 or 900 lumen light in this size is pretty amazing. 

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 3

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 3

Make sure you watch the video produced by Elzetta below.  

Now that you’ve been completely blown away, head on over to www.Elzetta.com and purchase yourself a new flashlight. These are seriously the best flashlights you can buy. 100% USA MADE Small Made in USA flag and guaranteed for life.  


*Photos by my friends at Defense Marketing Group