NEW!! GoGun USA SuperComp Talon Tactical Rifle Brake

GoGun recently introduced another new muzzle brake called the SuperComp Talon Tactical. This is a slimmed down version of their really awesome SuperComp Talon. Like its big brother, the SuperComp Talon Tactical has multiple ports that redirect the blast of your AR15 helping to reduce recoil and muzzle rise keeping your sights on target. The new SuperComp Talon Tactical is available in Parkerized Steel but if you want to lighten it up a bit you can go with the Titanium version. I know you’re thinking the Titanium probably costs a ton but its actually quite affordable when it comes to Titanium brakes.  I personally own a few different versions of the GoGun SuperComp including the NoTalon, XL and the Talon Tactical and they all work great. Check out the details below then head on over to GoGunUSA.com to order one for yourself.

GoGun USA Talon Tactical 2 620

The SuperComp® Talon Tactical is slimmed down, compared to the bigger SuperComp® Talon brake. It has the same patented and trade dress Talon Tips, and the overall weight has been lightened for tactical and competition applications, but steel is still Battletuff.

–  Virtually No Sight Movement
–  Shooters no longer have to choose between purely tactical compensators or a competitive compensator.
–  With the SuperComp® Talon Tactical they can truly have the best of both worlds.
–  Works great and eye candy to the max.
–  Specifications
–  Available in .223
–  Precision CNC machined from Heat treated molybdenum alloy steel
–  2.87” long, .996” diameter 1/2×28 tpi, .276” exit hole diameter, 3.9 oz in steel 2.2 oz in Titanium
–  Crush Washer included
–  Available in Chrome Moly steel or Titanium
–  100% Made in the USA!

The 9 Axial ports are the key to this unique patented and patent pending design. The Axial ports redirect the blast in an extremely effective Stabilizing Star Pattern (SSP). The results are very fast follow-up shots with your sights tracking in a clean predictable pattern, without disturbing your view of your target. Recoil is also reduced significantly without the use of reverse angles, and unwanted rearward blast. The SSP design of the SuperComp® Talon Tactical also reduces blast effect to moderate levels. The SuperComp® Talon Tactical provides all these benefits in a small compact package.