Need Some Ammo? Greyfox Has 5.56 and .308 at Great Prices

If you’re looking for some high quality ammo and want to support a great company at the same time you can’t find a better place to buy it than from GREYFOX Industries. Right now they have some Prvi Partizan and PMC in-stock. It just so happens that they also have it on sale at just $380 per 1,000 round case. Federal and Lake City 5.56 is a bit more but still in-stock. One of the best deals is the MagTech .308 ammo they have for just $.61 per round. One of the guys I know said he took some of this out to the range recently and it consistently shot sub MOA out of multiple different rifles so its not jus some plinking range ammo. Head on over to www.Greyfoxinc.com to snag some for yourself so you can hit the range and practice that trigger finger. 

GreyFox Ammo 9