NEW!! Strike Plate with QD Sling Mount for Magpul PRS stock.

For such a solid and expensive stock, there really aren’t very many companies making accessories for the Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle Stock). I know there are tons of people using them but it seems that a lot of the other stocks get all the love. Well, while researching a new product that I will be reviewing I came across this new Strike Plate that Armageddon Tactical makes for the Magpul PRS. Now this is obviously not a groundbreaking new product or anything but a lot of people don’t use the small picatinny rail on the PRS. Why not turn it into a nice Face Tenderizer!?¬†

AR15NEWS SPR Build 620

PRS Strike Plate 620

The Armageddon Tactical PRS Strike Plate is made from 6061 Aluminum and then anodized black. You can purchase the standard model or upgrade to one with a QD Sling Mount built into it. I personally don’t see myself using a QD Sling Mount on the underside rear of the PRS so I would probably just go with the standard model. This strike plate will work with¬†both the AR-15/AR-10 model of the PRS as well as the PRS2 which is for FN and HK rifles. Purchase for $45 at www.ArmageddonTactical.com