The ATF Confirms That Shouldering the Sig SB15 Is Legal

Ever since Sig Sauer introduced the SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, people have wondered if it was okay to put the SB15 up to your shoulder when firing. Well, rest easy for now. The ATF officially confirmed, via a letter dated March 5, 2014, that shouldering an AR Pistol while firing does not change it’s classification from an AR Pistol to an SBR. It is still an AR Pistol no matter how you use it. They also said that shouldering the AR Pistol that has the new Sig SB15 brace on it is fine too. You can read the decision letter below or download a copy HERE.  

Shooting AR PistolPhoto courtesy of KeysToTheArmory YouTube Channel

620 AR Pistol with SIG SB15 1 copy