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NEW!! Gorilla Ammunition 208gr Subsonic 300BLK Ammo

Posted on April 5th, 2014 by ar15news

If you’re looking for some great subsonic hunting ammo for your Suppressed 300BLK beast, Gorilla Ammunition has made a pretty cool new load using the Hornady 208gr A-MAX bullet. This stuff should pack a really nice punch and the A-MAX bullet has great expansion for maximum effectiveness. 

620 Gorilla Ammo 300BLK 208gr Hornady A-MAX 4

As with any product, you get what you pay for. It’s probably not very cost effective to burn through a ton of this at the range but when it comes time to pull the trigger on that little piggy you’ve been stalking this is what you’re gonna want in your magazine. Check out this ammo and others at

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