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Sneak Peek!! Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower Receiver

Posted on April 5th, 2014 by ar15news

If you’ve been following AR15NEWS for a while you’ve undoubtedly heard me speak of my buddy DMACK who is the brain and braun at Ranger Proof. After successfully selling limited edition rifles that he hand built himself but sold through other companies, he decided to form Ranger Proof Arms, LLC and really spread his wings. His latest awesomeness is the new Ranger Proof Arms, LLC billet lower receiver. This lower will be available in just a few months and will be used on all future Ranger Proof Arms rifles and will also be offered as a stripped lower as well. Check out the sneak peek pictures and details of this awesome new lower below. 

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 1

The horizontal lines you see on the lower, will not be visible once the lower is tumbled, and prepped for coating. This is the very first piece off of the machine, used to set dimensions, to make sure the tolerances are proper, and that the lower is correctly machined. Small adjustments can be made in the machine code, and once it is determined that it is within specs, production can start. I am VERY excited!!! Ranger Proof Arms, LLC has it’s own lower now. This will only be available through Ranger Proof Arms. It’s not a “Re-Branded” Lower. I will be working EXCLUSIVELY with Sharps Brothers Firearms Design, and will have this offered as standard on all of my rifles. It will also be available as a “stripped” lower, for the home builder.

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

Ranger Proof Arms Billet Lower 5

This lower has been designed from the inception, with the hard use shooter in mind. There are design patents out on it, and I am very happy with how this project is shaping up. Stay tuned for more details!

If you want to keep tabs on Ranger Proof you can do so by following them on the Ranger Proof Facebook page as well as at

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