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NEW!! ZeroBravo KeyMod RHS (Reversible Hand Stop)

Posted on April 14th, 2014 by ar15news

Recently a guy named Todd, who is very well known in the firearms industry, ventured out on his own to start a new company called ZeroBravo. ZeroBravo is looking to be a big player in the accessory market and they’re already introducing their first product called the RHS which stands for Reversible Hand Stop. The RHS is a very minimalistic KeyMod hand stop that, as you might have gathered, can be mounted with the curved section facing towards the front or back of the rifle. It just all depends on how you as the shooter use a hand stop and what is most comfortable for you. 

620 ZeroBravo RHS Reversible Hand Stop 2

For the most part you’ll see people running their hand stop on the back side of their support hand (shown below) to help them pull the rifle into their shoulder which makes sense. This is how I tend to use mine as well. Other people will put it at the very end of the rail and use it as more of a “hand stop” where it keeps your hand from proceeding forward any more. This can be very helpful for those running a suppressor with a shorter rail system to help keep your mitts off that hot can. 

620 ZeroBravo RHS Reversible Hand Stop 2

620 ZeroBravo RHS Reversible Hand Stop 2

You can also mount the RHS on the side of your rail as an index point as well. 

620 ZeroBravo RHS Reversible Hand Stop 2

The ZeroBravo RHS should be available from retailers by the end of this month. Retail should be $39.95. Construction is currently under way over at so right now the best way to connect with them and keep and eye on future offerings is to like the ZeroBravo Facebook page

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