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NEW!! B5 Systems P-GRIP 23

Posted on May 5th, 2014 by ar15news

B5 Systems has partnered up with our friends at Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group to add their Grip 23 to their line of AR-15 furniture. The UCWRG grip with its more vertical angle has been extremely popular, so much so that it’s usually sold out. The fact that there is now a B5 Systems version will hopefully make them a little more readily available. Like its counterpart, the B5 Systems P-GRIP 23 is being offered in different colors. The B5 Systems version is available in the usual Black and Flat Dark Earth but they have also added a Grey (probably close to the Arc’teryx Grey) and the ever popular MultiCam.

620 B5 Systems P GRIP 2

620 B5 Systems P GRIP 2

I just happened to be on AIM Surplus’ website this morning and saw that they are selling these grips for just $19 with FREE SHIPPING (MultiCam will run you $24) which makes for a pretty affordable upgrade to your AR. Head on over and snag a few for yourself at

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