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For years now, Phase 5 Weapon Systems has been the leader in all things AR Pistol related. They started out making small accessories and have grown into a full blown weapons and accessory manufacturer. I’ve personally been working with Ken and the guys since the beginning of AR15NEWS and their ingenuity and attention to detail has never ceased to amaze. Recently they’ve brought a new AR Pistol and quite a few new AR Pistol products to market. With the skyrocketing popularity of the AR Pistol I figured it would be nice to compile some of the newest Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol products in one place. 

First up is the new ATLAS ONE AR Pistol that Phase 5 introduced in 2013. This bad boy features their new billet receivers, LPSN (Low Profile Slant Nose) rail, 7.5″ 5.56 barrel and the always popular Phase 5 PBT (Pistol Buffer Tube). The PBT as you can see works well with the new SIG SB15 Arm Brace which has played a major part in the AR Pistol rise in popularity.

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts

As I just mentioned, Phase 5 makes a very popular Pistol Buffer Tube also known as their PBT. Typically the PBT comes with a standard black foam pad on the end. Recently they added a new option for a MultiCam colored cover which is designed to add a bit of durability, style and comfort to the existing pad. This is a pretty inexpensive upgrade at just $13 and includes the Cover and Pad.

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts

The SIG SB15 “Arm Brace” requires no introduction. This thing is everywhere lately and is one of the hottest products on the AR Pistol market right now, especially since the ATF verified in a letter that it is okay for users to put the SB15 up to their shoulder when firing. One of the things I noticed on my SB15 is that the supplied arm strap is just a super cheap thing of Velcro. Phase 5 is now offering a set of heavy duty replacement SB15 Arms Straps that are available in OD Green, Digital Desert Tan, Kryptek Typhon and MultiCam starting at just $18 for the pair. 

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts

They even offer matching Single Point Bungee Slings to match your upgraded SB15 Arm Strap.

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts 5

The last two products are the new “Hex” line of Pistol Buffer Tubes. These are not out yet but will hopefully be coming out this month.

First is the HexOne. “This heavy duty 100% American 7075 T651 certified billet aluminum hexagonally shaped pistol buffer tube is the first of its’ kind! Phase 5™ has multiple patents pending and the HexOne™ line of pistol buffer tubes…” Okay, this thing just looks freaking sweet. 

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts

Second in the “Hex” family is the Hex-2. This part of the Hex Tube line and is tailored to the Sig SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace (aka SB15). As you can see it features raised areas near the front of the tube to keep the SB15 from sliding all the way down on the tube which is more comfortable for those with longer arms. 

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts

So as you can see, Phase 5 Weapon Systems is really dedicated to bringing as many high quality components to the AR Pistol market as possible. Not to mention, these products make for one awesome looking build. You can check out all of these awesome options and more at

Phase 5 Weapon Systems AR Pistol Parts

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