New GreyFox Industries Ammunition Discounts

Every time I post about ammunition, no matter how great the price is, people want to chime in with how great of a price they found at “Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle” with no website for anyone else to buy from or from some unheard of website. I’ve even had people who work at Federal saying they can buy it for less. Well duh! For those of you just looking for a great consistent source of quality ammunition with great prices, head on over and check out the new “Coupon Code Products” section on the GreyFox website.

You can use our “ar15news” discount code on all items in the “Coupon Code Products” section including .40S&W, 45ACP, 5.56 NATO and .308 (7.62×51). This code takes $5 off each item in your cart at checkout. So lets say you buy two 500 round boxes of 5.56 and one 250 round box of 45ACP, you would save $5 off each which would total $15 off. So just a simple straight forward $5 off per item. Head on over to www.GreyFoxInc.com and get your fill of ammo so you can keep those lead slingers running strong.  

GreyFox Ammo 12