Black Teflon Fortis Mfg Hammer Charging Handle Now Available

Yesterday, I got a surprise package in the mail. In it was another Fortis Manufacturing Hammer charging handle. This isn’t too out of the ordinary as I get stuff here and there to use in my pictures, on my rifles, etc. It wasn’t until I pulled the charging handle 0ut of the package that I realized that this was a Black Hammer charging handle. Of course the first thing I did was post a picture of it on Instagram. After I had used “Brag-a-Gram” I inquired to see Who, What, Where and When. (No need to ask “Why” of course) Right about then my buddy Jody sent me a link. These were the new Black Teflon coated Hammer charging handles that we’ve heard little birdies talking about for a while now. The best part is you don’t even have to wait for these to come out. The new Fortis Manufacturing Black Teflon Hammer charging handles are in-stock, same price as the standard Hammer and ready to ship. 

As you can see in the picture below, the Black Teflon coating is not as dark as a normal anodized charging handle. It has more of a nice graphite black color. The coating is super smooth and feels great. I just got my first Hammer charging a few weeks ago and really like it. 

620 Fortis Mfg Black Teflon Hammer charging handle 1

The new Fortis Mfg Black Teflon Hammer charging handle is available for purchase at both Rainier Arms and Fortis Manufacturing. Both will offer top notch customer service. Some people prefer to purchase directly from the manufacturer of a product. However, Rainier Arms does have them for $3 less. It’s up to you. You can’t go wrong either way. I’ve copied the links for you below. 

Purchase the Fortis Black Teflon Hammer from Fortis Manufacturing.

Purchase the Fortis Black Teflon Hammer from Rainier Arms.