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Spike’s Tactical just introduced their new Gen II Billet Trigger Guard that’s sure to make the assembly of your next lower a bit easier. This new trigger guard not only looks pretty awesome but also features a roll-pin-less design. Instead of hammer a roll pin in place, you simply insert a pin that is similar to a trigger/ hammer pin, with a dentent in the middle of the trigger guard to retain the pin. This also makes it very easy to remove as well if you ever needed to. Right now our friends over at Red Barn Armory have the new Spike’s Tactical Gen II Billet Trigger Guard is in-stock for just $19.95 which seems like a pretty affordable upgrade that’ll look pretty awesome. Head on over to to snag a few for yourself. 

Spikes Tactical Gen II Billet Trigger Guard 1

Spikes Tactical Gen II Billet Trigger Guard 2

Spikes Tactical Gen II Billet Trigger Guard 3

Spikes Tactical Gen II Billet Trigger Guard 4

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