NEW!! S3Fsolutions MK601 Complete Upper

S3Fsolutions just introduced their new MK601 Complete Upper and it’s a beauty! The MK601 gets its name from an old warning you would post on your property back in the Gold Rush days to tell would be thieves, etc. to keep their hands off your property or pay the consequence. 601 basically means 6 Feet Under, 0 Trial, 1 Rope or in other words, “Mess with me and I’ll put you in the ground myself.”

As if the name itself wasn’t cool enough, the MK601 uppers come complete with a match grade 416R SS barrel, Raptor charging handle, Arsenal Democracy 13.5″ KeyMod rail and Flash Hider, FA M16/AR15 BCG and a buffer spring and 100G buffer designed to work best with the MK601. For a limited time you will also be able to order one of their custom colors for just $50 extra.

620 S3F Solutions MK601 Complete Upper 1

Now you might be looking at this complete upper and thinking “Hey, that looks a whole lot like the…” and you would be correct. The MK601 has the exact same specs as the Arsenal Democracy REAPER upper and is even assembled by Arsenal Democracy for S3Fsolutions. Arsenal Democracy and S3Fsolutions have teamed up to only offer complete uppers through S3Fsolutions from here on out. So if you’ve been thinking about buying an AD REAPER upper, you now need to buy the MK601 but good news, its actually a bit cheaper. Check out the specs and pics below. The new www.S3Fsolutions.us webstore will be live in about 72 hours. Prior to that you can email S3Fsolutions@gmail.com with any questions or to purchase. 

S3F Solutions MK601 Complete Upper 4

S3F Solutions MK601 Complete Upper 4

S3F Solutions MK601 Complete Upper 4

S3Fsolution MK601 uppers are available NOW and already shipping! Available in 556 and 300 blackout, They will also be available in 14.5″ 16″ and 18″ ( 10.5 and 8.5 coming soon.) 7 hydro color options from multicam , atacs and all Kryptek. And 5 special battle worn colors will be available also. Starting price of $1099.99 and we are doing a color special for the first 2 weeks! Any battleworn color or any flat color of your pick ( that we offer) for $50 extra. After the first 2 weeks color pricing go up to $150.

UPPER SPECS: 7075 T6 custom hand fitted to the barrel extension.
BARREL: 416R stainless steel , 4 groove Ratchet rifling , 1:8 twist 223 wylde (.223/5.56) hand lapped with medium-heavy contour, mid length adjustable gas. Also available in 300BLK 6R Rifling.
FLASH HIDER: AD templar Tactical standard. AAC/Surefire breaks available.
CHARGING HANDLE: Raptor charging handle
RAIL: Arsenal Democracy 13.5 keymod with integrated QD points.
GAS BLOCK: Arsenal Democracy fully adjustable
BOLT CARRIER GROUP: chrome lined carrier with micro slick coating. Standard 8620 steel full auto .

All uppers come with a buffer spring and 100G buffer.

Email us at S3Fsolutions@gmail.com for questions and purchase orders.