New!! Intermediate Size Concealment Mirrors from Tactical Walls

Some of the most popular items we’ve ever posted about on AR15NEWS.com have been the Tactical Walls concealment products. When we first started talking about them they were just starting out and had very few options. After listening to input from their customers they started adding different size wall inserts, concealment shelves, different covers for the wall inserts and options such as magnetic mounting systems and magnetic locking mechanisms. Now they continue to grow and are adding even more size and concealment option. Their latest is the intermediate size for the Concealment Mirrors called the 1420M bundle.

They new 1420M bundle combines two of their 1410 wall inserts behind a slightly larger 1420M Lockable Concealment Mirror creating a nice new intermediate size. The 1420M Concealment Mirror bundle is available in 6 different finishes so you can best match it to your home interior design. To me this is one of their best product updates yet. This mirror slides to the side which is awesome because you don’t have to worry about mounting it too close to the ceiling and gives you much more space to conceal more items. I personally have one of the 1410M bundles that I still have not had time to install but I can definitely tell you I was very surprised with the high level of quality they offer. If you’re looking for a secure way to store Knives, Handguns, Ammo, Flashlights, Money, etc. in an easily accessible place, this is it! Check out the pics and details below. Use the code “ar15news” to save 7% off all products on www.TacticalWalls.com from now through the end of June 2014.

620 Tactical Walls 1420M Concealment Cover Insert 1 copy

The 1420M Bundle is the perfect addition to your home defense solution. It provides a convenient and quickly accessible storage space that can be easily hidden from view. Nobody will know it is there, but you will have peace of mind knowing that everything you need in an emergency is well within reach. This hidden wall storage space can be used for any variety of items including handguns, ammunition, tasers, flashlights, or anything you want to hide from view but still have quick access to.

The concealment cover included in this bundle is the perfection companion to a Tactical Wall Insert. It was designed to be inconspicuous while still providing a means to access the goods behind it. When closed, it is impossible to tell that it is anything other than a normal mirror. To open, simply slide it to the side! The drawer slides provide a smooth open and closing.

The cover comes with a magnetic lock. The locking mechanism is completely inside the cover, so nobody can see that it is there. To open, you simply need to pass your magnetic key over the surface of the frame near the lock and it will click open. This design insures that nobody will be aware that your cover is anything but a standard framed mirror.

The construction of the mirror is robust. Mirror are backed with a security panel to prevent access into your wall insert, and they are encased in a full frame for added rigidity and security. The magnetic locking mechanism is sturdy and well tested and protects your cover from being opened without a key.

Installation is as easy as counting to three. First, after you’ve decided where to put it, you can hang the included instruction sheet on the wall and use it as a template to cut around. Second, you will mount the cover. Third, you will slide the inserts into the hole and the 1-inch lip of the insert will hide any irregular edges from your cuts.

After installing, you can add any hooks, magnets, or whatever else you can think of to make your insert right for you before you deck it out with your goods. Also our velcro backing allows you to put patches, storage pouches, etc., right onto the inside of your insert. It makes for added versatility and customization of your Tactical Wall.