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Review of the TAREINCO MT3-XTRA Carrier

Posted on June 23rd, 2014 by ar15news

I think its pretty fair assessment to say I am a big fan of Multitasker Tools. So far I currently own a Series 2X, two Series 3 and a EDC-2 that Multitasker Tools makes for Emerson Knives which have all been awesome. The same can easily be said of TAREINCO gear. I still use an old version of the TAREINCO VTP Sling as well as some Tape Switch Holders and even a Camera Strap. When I found out that TAREINCO was now making a carry pouch specifically for the new Multitasker Tools Series I couldn’t help myself. 

The new Multitasker Tools Series 3 is the first version to come with a built in pocket clip which is probably why they decided to not include a pouch with it. I still personally found the Series 3 too bulky to want to carry in my pocket so I either carried it in a bag our in my hand until I could set it down somewhere. TAREINCO realized this as well and decided to offer both a PALs and Belt mount model carrier, called the MT3-XTRA, which is specifically designed to fit the Series 3 and the supplied 1/4″ Bit Set. As you can see in the photo below I went with the PALs model (technically could still be used on a belt though).

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

The MT3-XTRA basically consists of a small pouch (for carrying the Bit Set) that is sewn to the front of a larger pouch (for carrying the Series 3). Both pouches are made from heavy duty webbing, have Velcro closures and Elastic sides to hold their contents tight. The 1/4″ Bit Set is stored in the smaller front pouch which can be accessed by simply pulling up on the closure itself. The Series 3 multitool is stored in the larger pouch which is accessed by pulling up on the D-Ring pull loop at the bottom of the front pouch. I like this design because, without even looking, I can feel for the D-Rin pull loop and remove the Series 3. 

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

Even though it’s carrying a lot, the MT3-XTRA is still pretty low profile. The overall size of the MT3-XTRA is just barely larger than the size of the Series 3 itself yet makes it so much more usable by having a way to carry the 1/4″ Bit Set along with it. 

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

As I mentioned earlier, TAREINCO makes both a PALs and Belt mountable version of the MT3-XTRA carrier. I personally liked the PALs version better simply because it can be mounted to Backpacks, Battle Belts, Plate Carriers (shown below), etc. I’ve had mine mounted to my Plate Carrier cummerbund but you could mount it anywhere you want. The PALs version comes with a Malice Clip so its as easy as threading the clip and snapping it in place. Another thing to note is that the MT3-XTRA also works well with the Series 2X Multitasker as well.

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the MT3-XTRA. It is a very simple, straightforward and affordable carrier that does exactly what it is designed to do. The stitching is straight and you can tell they take great care to make sure the assembly is square and done right. One thing I would possibly like to see is additional colors such as MultiCam or Kryptek colors as it is currently available in Black or Coyote. As with all TAREINCO gear, the MT3-XTRA is made right here in the USA. If you’re a Multitasker Tools fan like I am, this is the perfect pouch for you. I’ve put links below that will take you directly to the PALs or Belt model below.

TAREINCO MT3-XTRA Carrier – PALs – $27

TAREINCO MT3-XTRA Carrier – Belt – $25

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