NEW!! Trigger and Hammer Jig from Strike Industries

Now, I’m not sure how many of you guys will think this new Trigger and Hammer Jig is cool but I’m kind of an AR Nerd and am all about stuff like this. The Strike Industries Trigger and Hammer Jig is a skeletonized block that represents the Fire Control Pocket of an AR-15 lower. It will accommodate an AR-15 Trigger and Hammer Assembly, Safety Selector and Pistol Grip. I can already think of multiple scenarios where this would be an awesome tool to have.

Strike Industries AR Hammer adn Trigger Jig 1

For myself, it would have been a great tool years ago when I was learning how to build AR’s. Being able to see exactly how an AR-15 trigger works, how the installation should look, etc. would have been a really nice tool.

From a retailers point of view this could be an invaluable tool to have in the showroom to let people try out different triggers that are offered. I’ve written a lot of articles about new trigger groups that are available and one thing everyone says is, “I wish I could try it before I by it.”. By having this available in a showroom the Joe Blow’s Gun Shop would be able to let customers try out different trigger upgrades without having a bunch of assembled lowers sitting around. This jig even has a built in plastic block that allows you to dry-fire the trigger without damaging the Hammer or Jig.

Another way the Trigger and Hammer Jig could come in handy is for those of us who do our own DIY Trigger Jobs. With a jig like this you will be able to see how the Trigger and Hammer are working together and make and educated adjustment that will hopefully make fine tuning your AR-15 trigger a breeze. You can also put the jig in a vice and measure trigger pull easily as well.

Strike Industries AR Hammer adn Trigger Jig 2

Strike Industries AR Hammer adn Trigger Jig 2

I’m sure I could come up with other useful ideas for this product but the point is, for an AR owner, this is pretty cool. The AR-15 Trigger and Hammer Jig is available for purchase right now for just $39.95 from www.StrikeIndustries.com.