Labor Day Sale – Rainier Arms

Details for the Rainier Arms Labor Day Sale are listed below. There are some really great deals available right now but you have to READ THE DETAILS below. To see the special pricing, add any item from the “On Sale!” section with (LDS) in the title to your cart and use the supplied discount code. If you don’t use the code or add an (LDS) product to your cart you will not see the special pricing. 

rainier arms Labor day sale q

Our Labor Day Sale is going on now through out the weekend. If you go to our website, check it out in our “On Sales!” category. We added a few items from what’s listed on the flier last minute. 

And just a note because we always get the question: PLEASE USE THE COUPON CODE 0901 TO SEE YOUR FINAL PRICE. The final price you see listed on the website is NOT the sale price, because of MAP regulations we cannot just show the sales price. You need to add to your cart and use the COUPON CODE. Thanks, and we hope everyone has a good labor day weekend! Also a reminder our store will be closed this weekend and on Monday.

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