Labor Day Sale – Seekins Precision

Its not too often that you see a sale on Seekins Precision components but this Labor Day weekend they have decided to join in on the fun. They are offering 10% off ALL components with the exception of complete uppers and rifles. 10% may not seem like a ton but when you take into consideration how in demand Seekins Precision components are and they quality they offer, its actually pretty awesome. This deal is available through Seekins Precision direct and any participation Seekins Precision dealers. Check out the details below.

Seekins Precision Labor Day Sale

–  Midnight Saturday
 (08-30-2014) through 11:59PM Monday night (09-02-2014)

–  10% off all IN STOCK Seekins Precision products (excluding rifles and complete uppers)

–  Customer must use the promo code SPLABORDAY10 in order to qualify for the discount.

–  There will be no MAP pricing “violations” by participating in this promotion with us.

–  NO back orders, Regular priced items only.

Start shopping Saturday night at www.SeekinsPrecision.com