NEW!! FrogLube MS Clean Kit

FrogLube has partnered up with the guys at MS Clean Kit to offer a FrogLube version of their “Magazine Shaped Cleaning Kit”. The MS Clean Kit is pretty cool for the fact that it is shaped like an AR magazine making it easy to carry with you anywhere you would take magazines with you. Having a cleaning kit on you whenever you’re using your firearm is always a great idea. Now add in a little bit of supplied FrogLube and you’ve got a winning combination. Check out the pics and details below.

FrogLube MS Clean Kit 1FrogLube MS Clean Kit 2FrogLube MS Clean Kit 2

One MS Clean kit containing sectioned steel rods, T-handle, steel patch eyelet, military to civilian thread adapter, all purpose double ended brush, 5.56/.223 chamber brush, 5.56/.223 bore brush, 7.62/.30 bore brush, 9mm bore brush, dental pick, patches, and 5ml of Froglube

–  Limited time – Each kit comes with an extra 5ml pouch of FrogLube.

–  Crush proof case prevents spillage of lubricant and bending of rods that current issued kits don’t.

–  Long enough to contain sectioned steel rods which are required to remove barrel obstructions such as mud, stuck cases or squib rounds.

–  Magazine shape allows for storage in rifle case, range bag or in any extra magazine pouches.

–  Large enough that it cannot be inserted into magazine well accidentally.

–  Provides a container to place small parts of firearm while cleaning.

–  Chemical resistant case can be used as a miniature solvent tank.

–  Made in the U.S.A.