My Journey To NFA Ownership – Got The Trust, Now Lets E-File It

Step one to My Journey To NFA Ownership was deciding to have Coyote Rifleworks create my NFA Trust for me. That was the easiest part of this whole thing. They have a great reputation, offer same day turnaround and they charge just $95. Using an NFA Trust means there is NO CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) Signature, NO Fingerprints and NO Photographs and it allows you to e-file your Form 1 on the ATF website. True to their word I was emailed my NFA Trust in .pdf format within just a few hours. I printed it out and got ready to do some leg work.

Coyote Rifleworks NFA Trust SBR Application

Now that I had my Trust printed out the next step was to meet up with a certified Notary Public, sign them and have the Trust notarized. At this point you do not need to add the serialized NFA items to the trust, just get the signatures done. There are plenty of ways to do this including searching for a local Notary Public or find offices such as Insurance Agencies where a lot of their employees would be a certified Notary. This should technically be a very easy step but with my family schedule, work schedule and the schedule of my Notary Public it took me forever to get done, hence why the lengthy time in between article #1 and #2. Once I finally did meet up with my Notary she looked it over and had zero issues making sense of the Coyote Rifleworks trust and in no time my wife and I were signing. A few minutes later I had a signed, witnessed and notarized NFA Trust in my hand that is the main key to My Journey To NFA Ownership. Before submitting the Form 1 you do need to assign your SBR Lower or Suppressor to the Trust on pages 18 and 19. Once I had my 19 page NFA Trust signed and notarized, and filled out it was time to submit my Form 1. 

By using an NFA Trust you can submit your Form 1 by going on the ATF eForms website at https://www.atfonline.gov/EForms and eFiling the form instead of filling out a paper form and sending it in. This dramatically speeds up the approval process and gives you an easy way to check in on the status of your submitted forms. I will tell you that submitting a Form 1 on your own can be a bit intimidating on your first try. One of the most useful tools I found was this page on M4Carbine.net that actually takes you step by step through the whole submittal process.

ATF eForms Login Page

One simple tip I can give you to help make things go smoother is that when you scan the pages of your NFA Trust document back into a single .pdf, make sure you scan it at a low DPI and in Black and White. The ATF website has a 3MB limit on the size of attachment you can upload. I learned this the hard way and had to figure out how to compress the size of the .pdf using online software. Once you’ve uploaded the documents, filled out the required info and clicked submit, its just a waiting game.

It took me about an hour to carefully read through and submit my Form 1 online. Right now I’ve been waiting for about 10 days and anticipate it taking another 3-4 weeks before my application is approved. I’ve seen eFile applications get approved in as little as 19 days so here’s hoping that mine will go that fast. As you can see this is a very simple method of registering your SBR, converting your AR Pistol to an SBR or purchasing a new suppressor. The best thing I did was have Coyote Rifleworks do my NFA Trust. Head on over to CoyoteRifleworks.com to get your NFA Trust created today. 

**AR15NEWS is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please verify that Trusts purchased online are valid in your state.