Black Rifle Black Friday Sale 2014 – Damage Industries

Our friends at Damage Industries are inviting you guys to EAT UP ALL THEIR CRAZY DEALS! Get some!!

Damage Industries Black Friday Sale 620

Thanks for being a customer! All our previous “Crazy Deals” will be active Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

Up to 50% off all AR-15 Muzzle Devices

50% off all AK-47 Muzzle Devices

50% off USGI M4 Stripped Upper

50% off Enhanced Recoil Springs

50% off Carbine Handguard Rail

50% off Forward Grips

Mossberg OEM barrels only $99

AR-15 Pin, Detent, Clip & Spring Kit, Complete only $29.95

50% off all Shotgun Products with coupon code SHOT50

Shotgun Supplies

Magazine Extensions

Shotgun Slings/Mounts

Mossberg Stocks

Remington Shotgun Stocks

Winchester Stocks

Ithaca Stocks

All QD Socket End Plates only 10$ each

MAD End Plate, Mk I (Multi-Adaptable Design)

MAD End Plate, Mk II (Multi-Adaptable Design)

AR15/M16 Receiver End Plate, QD – Thin Profile

AR15/M16 Receiver End Plate, Ambi QD

AR15/M16 Receiver End Plate, Tri QD

All QD Swivels only $10 each

Standard Face QD Swivel (includes D-Loop)

Grooved Face QD Swivel (dome or low profile)