New!! S&S Precision IFM SureFire Flashlight Mounts

If you’re a SureFire flashlight nut, you’re gonna love these new light mounts from S&S Precision. S&S Precision has just introduced the new IFM or Integrated Flashlight Mount for use with your existing SureFire lights. These basically replace the light body (battery housing) using your flashlight Head and Tail Cap. These come in two different models, the IFM Rigid and IFM CAM. The “Rigid” model mounts like a normal light mount using a single clamp. The IFM CAM uses a wheel to adjust tension and a cam lever that tightens and locks the mount on the rail for a tool-less installation. Check out the details and pics below then head on over to www.SandSPrecision.com.

S&S Precision IFM Rigid Light Mount
The Integrated Flashlight Mount Rigid brings the flashlight into a fixed offset position and reduces the overall profile of the forward hand guard.
–  Left and right side rail grabbers available
–  Power: 3V
–  Compatible with Surefire flashlight components (not included)

S&S Precision IFM Rigid 1

S&S Precision IFM Rigid 2

S&S Precision IFM Rigid 3

S&S Precision IFM CAM Light Mount
The S&S team has pursued a more practical way to assemble and attach the Integrated Flashlight Mount-Rigid (IFM) series since day one. This tool-less mounting system provides a low profile offset flashlight body for select SureFire 3v components. Featuring a streamlined cam lever and tension dial, the IFM CAM delivers a touch of simplicity that is long overdue. Adjust your level of tension and snap over the lever for a secure fit.

S&S Precision IFM CAM 1

S&S Precision IFM CAM 1

S&S Precision IFM CAM 1