Christmas Sale – KAK Industry

KAK Industry officially started their Christmas Sale yesterday so its a great time to stock up on some high quality affordable AR parts. KAK Industry is one of those companies I feel┬álike is one of my personal hidden secrets that you guys need to know more about. I’ve been posting about their stuff for quite some time now and have used their parts in quite a few different builds. Everything I have used has way out performed even what I had hoped for. They have all of their Christmas Sale specials listed on their sale page at www.KAKIndustry.com. Head on over and get started on some shopping.

Here are just a few of the AR’s I’ve used KAK Industry parts on.

This AR Pistol has a KAK Industry 7.5″ 300BLK barrel.

KAK 300BLK AR Pistol

One of my personal favorite AR’s is this pistol with a KAK Industry 11″ 7.62×39 Barrel, BCG and Gas Block.

KAK 762x39 AR Pistol

And last but not least, this 5.56 AR Pistol features the super popular KAK Industry Super Sig Buffer Tube for the SB15 Arm Brace.

KAK Super Sig Tube