NEW Products and Updates From Springer Precision

Springer Precision is very well known for their custom metal base pads for XD’s, Glocks, etc. which can be seen on a lot of 3-Gun competitor guns. Recently they’ve been updating their product list to include models of the EZ-PAD MAX and FASTMAG MAX that now fit the very popular HexMag magazines. 

The EZ-PAD MAX is a metal magazine basepad replacement that when installed increases the magazine capacity by 5 rounds. Shown below is the EZ-PAD MAX attached to a HexMag magazine. http://shop.springerprecision.com/product.sc?productId=297&categoryId=21

Springer Precision HexMag Basepads 2 copy

The FASTMAG MAX is similar to the EZ-PAD MAX except that it is a side by side coupler that mounts two mags together for a rock solid unit. As you can see below there is now an option for a FASTMAG MAX that fits the HexMag magazines. http://shop.springerprecision.com/product.sc?productId=304&categoryId=21

Springer Precision HexMag Basepads 2 copy

In addition to updating their lineup to fit HexMag magazines, I’ve also hear from a little birdie that Springer Precision will start offering more “tactical” colors such as a dull anodized black instead of the brighter/shinier colors that they are known for so keep that in mind too. You can check out an entire line of products from Springer Precision at www.SpringerPrecision.com