Seekins Precision Announces New Barrel Nut for 2015

**Press Release**

Lewiston, ID – Seekins Precision, announced the modification of their current barrel nut design.

With the constant changes to the Modern Sporting Rifle platform over the past few years, Seekins Precision has made a design change to the current barrel nut used in their wildly popular MCSR and BAR rails. This change allows the shooter to build either a standard direct impingement operating system, or use one of the aftermarket gas piston systems.

The minor modifications to the barrel nut will allow even more shooter customization and no longer limit the operating system that can be used.

Seekins Precision BAR MCSR Barrel Nut

“The new barrel nut will start shipping with all rails made after March 1st 2015” said Kevin Weyrauch, Seekins Precision Business Development Coordinator. “We worked with some of the industry leading manufacturers for piston systems to make sure this new design was the right fit for our customers as well as theirs.”

For more information on the Seekins Precision family of products, be sure to check out our website at www.SeekinsPrecision.com or contact us at sales@seekinsprecision.com

Lewiston, ID –