NEW!! VG6 Precision “CAGE” Blast Diverter

VG6 Precision has just announced that their new CAGE Device is now shipping to their dealers to fill backorders and should be up on their website very soon. The CAGE is a different take on one of the most popular AR accessories right now…the Blast Diverter. VG6 decided to go a little bit of a different route. Instead of adding a large cone around the muzzle device, which can effect the performance of it, they created a device that disrupts the expanding gas coming out of the sides of their two chamber muzzle devices, greatly reducing the concussion. This is going to be a great middle ground option between a standard brake and a muzzle shroud. Check out the pics below. More information and video available at www.VG6Precision.com.

VG6 CAGE RAW Gamma Epsilon1
Shown here before Black Nitride finish with the EPSILON and GAMMA brakes


VG6 CAGE on Epsilon RAW1
Raw finish on EPSILON.


VG6 CAGE on Epsilon1
CAGE with Black Nitride Finish on EPSILON


CAGE with Black Nitride Finish on GAMMA