Contract Overrun Barrel Sale – 11″ 5.56 Melonite Barrel – $100

If you missed out on the last KAK Industry Contract Overrun Barrel Sale, here’s your chance to get in on another one. As I mentioned last time, KAK Industry produces barrels for many other companies and every once in a while wires get crossed and they produce more than the contract calls for. One of there recent contracts was for these 11″ 5.56 Melonite Barrels with a 1/9 twist of which they had some left over. These extra barrels are NOT Blems but need to go somewhere so the guys at KAK put them out at $100 a piece which is a steal for a Melonite finished barrel that typically sells for $265. Thankfully we have a good relationship with KAK Industry and they give our readers first crack at them. 

KAK Industry 11 inch 5.56 Melonite Barrel SalePhoto of my 10.5″ I snagged last time they had a contract overrun.

These again are 11″ barrels, chambered in 5.56 NATO with a 1:9 Twist, Carbine Length Gas, .750 Gas Block Seat and normal 1/2×28 threads. They also do not have any logo on them, just the Caliber and Twist. Perhaps the best part is that they are Melonite barrels which means they have had a molten salt bath. This changes the surface of the metal on the inside and out of the barrel, coating even the bore. Melonite is the same as QPQ, Nitride, etc and is very slick, much more durable than chrome lining and its corrosion resistance is off the charts. Probably my personal favorite Barrel and BCG finish. Check out the details below and then head on over to www.KAKIndustry.com to get one, or five, of these awesome barrels before they’re gone.

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