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Posted on July 24th, 2015 by ar15news

Ever wanted to build a short barreled AR-10 SBR or AR Pistol? If you’ve been thinking about it, KAK Industry has a new package deal that you’re gonna love. Their new 10.5″ 7.62 NATO SPECIAL PACKAGE includes a 10.5″ 416 SS 7.62 NATO/.308 barrel with a 1:10 twist, a very nice KAK Industry solid stainless 308 carbine buffer and spring and the KAK’s Shockwave Tube and Shockwave Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer. The barrels are marked 7.62 NATO but are tested and approved to accept and use 308 Winchester as well. This is the perfect kit to get started on your new .308 AR Pistol or SBR. 

KAK 762 NATO Special Package Deal

Kurt from KAK Industry built this 10.5″ beast and was hitting 18 inch steel at 930 yards with Wolf 145 and handload 175 SMK.

KAK 762 NATO Special Package Deal 1

KAK 762 NATO Special Package Deal 1

In my mind I’m thinking it would be awesome to get another upper for my 18″ .308 I have now, SBR the lower and have a complete kit with one lower, an 18″ upper and a 10.5″ upper. If you’re looking to build a .308 AR Pistol or SBR like this, the kit with the barrel and KAK Shockwave Blade setup is available for purchase for a limited time at Don’t forget to browse the “308” section of the KAK Industry online store to check out a huge selection of 308 specific components. They even have billet aluminum .308 reloading blocks for you guys that are tier one hand loaders.

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