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Diagnosing FTE (Failure To Extract) In my 7.62×39 AR

Posted on August 3rd, 2015 by ar15news

I decided to test out the new D&H 7.62×39 mags I bought the other day. Anybody who has run a 7.62×39 AR knows they can be totally finicky and most of the issues can be attributed back to poorly constructed magazines. I’ve had pretty good luck with my ASC mags but these new mags from D&H look so much cooler than the boring looking USGI style ASC mags. The only real question was…will they function as well as they look.

KAK 762x39 AR Extractor 1

For some reason, shooting the 7.62×39 started out horrible and only seemed to be getting worse. I have shot this exact gun so many times with zero issues. It always loves crappy steel cased TulAmmo which is what I was shooting. I kid you not, nearly every single shot (with the exception of a few decent strings of no failures) resulted in a Failure To Extract which obviously causes major issues. 

KAK 762x39 AR Extractor 1

KAK 762x39 AR Extractor 1

Usually when you have Failure To Extract malfunctions it is more of a problem with the gun itself and not a mag issue. It could be under gassed (leaky Gas Block, Gas Key, etc), a bad extractor on your bolt or even chamber issues. When I saw that the BCG was not Short Stroking (meaning the BCG was traveling far enough back to grab another round from the mag) but the casing from the previous round was not ejecting it confirmed the wasn’t under gassed. My gut was telling me the extractor was at fault but I decided to swap mags and use my ASC mags which have run perfect before and had the same exact issues. I kept running it while paying attention to what the gun was doing and then it happened. The extractor snapped and I was done for the night. When the extractor broke the casing from the last round fired stayed in the chamber and had to be removed with a cleaning rod.

KAK 762x39 AR Extractor 1

Now rewind to a few months ago when my buddy Kurt at KAK Industry sent me a brand new extractor for this setup and said I should install it, I should have listened. Steel Cased Ammo is notoriously ruthless on MIM extractors so KAK Industry had sent me a Fully Machined Steel Extractor so I wouldn’t have this issue. At that time I was having no issues and totally forgot about it. Tomorrow I will give it another go with the new mags after I’ve installed the new extractor. I’m expecting much better results. LoL

If you have a 7.62×39 AR, you may want to look into picking up some of the KAK Industry 7.62×39 Steel Extractors. They are only $18.50 so I plan to purchase a few to have on hand.  

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