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New!! Mega Arms .308 SLIDE LOCK Ambi Charging Handle

Posted on August 11th, 2015 by ar15news

Mega Arms just let us know they are now shipping the .308 version of their popular SLIDE LOCK ambi charging handle. As you may recall, the SLIDE LOCK is an ambi charging handle that does not have the usual latch required to release the charging handle. Instead it uses spring pressure to keep the charging handle in place until you pull back on either side of it at which time it releases and functions exactly like any other charging handle. With the popularity of the Mega Arms MATEN and the AR-10 in general soaring this has been something people have been asking for more and more. Now that Mega Arms has started shipping units, all you have to do is keep an eye out at the typical Mega Arms dealers such as Rainier Arms and snag one when they come in.

Mega Arms SLIDE LOCK Ambi Charging Handle 308 1

Mega Arms SLIDE LOCK Ambi Charging Handle 308 1

Mega Arms SLIDE LOCK Ambi Charging Handle 308 1

–  Cutting edge new design. Does not require a latch to be pulled to release charging handle.
–  Made from 7075-T651 billet aluminum.
–  Black Nitrided latch
–  Compatible with any 308/Large Frame, Semi Auto upper.
–  SL-4000 for MATEN / AR-10 MSRP $68

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