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NEW!! Stealth G-10 Scales for Executive Ordnance Grips

Posted on September 9th, 2015 by ar15news

Executive Ordnance makes very cool looking billet pistol grips for the AR-15 that are skeletonized for weight savings and have interchangeable G-10 scales to customize them to your liking. They just introduced a brand new set of “STEALTH” scales for their grips that look great. The new STEALTH scales will fit both their Gen1 and Gen2 grips which come with Smooth, Grooved, Dimpled or Knurled back straps. A few of my friends have these grips and they really do look great on their guns. Check them out at

Executive Ordnance Stealth Grip 1

Executive Ordnance Stealth Grip 1

Executive Ordnance Stealth Grip 1

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