NEW!! FrogLube Extreme CLP

About 3 years ago, FrogLube was approached by a U.S. Government agency that was interested in bio-based and renewable products to replace those in use by the government agency for a wide variety of uses. Their product was being considered for a gun care application and they cooperated and supported the testing. That specific government testing is still going on today but FrogLube wanted to release the new product they made to the public. This new product is FrogLube Extreme CLP.

FrogLube extreme

FrogLube Extreme was designed to compete for the government’s environmental spec. Among the many tests, one in particular was cold temperature pourable performance. Testing produced a -44˚F result. The FrogLube Extreme™ name was coined during the testing when it was discovered that it performs in extremely cold -40˚s and all the way up above +125˚F, extremely hot. Extreme temperatures do not phase this lube.

In the M4 Tech Manual, TM 9-1005-319-23&P, it says you must remove your lube if you expect to encounter freezing temps; and replace it with an arctic lube*. What’s an arctic lube? They are rare and hard to find. What happens when your conditions transition between freezing and temperate? In their testing area, the temperature can change 50-60˚ in a 24 hr cycle. It was found that FrogLube Extreme easily transitions between freezing and hot. YOU NOW DON’T HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR LUBE IN A HOT TO COLD TRANSITION AND VICE VERSA.  This is a “game changer” result. 

FrogLube Extreme is the same formula we’ve all come to know and love but with additives which proved to make it much more forgiving in cold temperatures. FrogLube Extrememeets all the common standards for FrogLube products; 

– Food Grade ingredients
– Non-toxic
– Non-petroleum base
– Non-flammable
– No HAZMAT disposal

Plus, here’s some additional benefits they discovered;

– works better in ‘tight action’ type firearms such as AR, M-1911, etc. 
– micronizes fouling and minimizes size of fouling particles
– pourable to -44˚F
– leaves no residue

It works the same as current FrogLube CLP products. It ‘absorbs’ into the firearm and the excess can be wiped off to run in a dry/slick manner. It responds to heat build-up by seeping up to the metal surface to perform lubrication where it is needed. To install it, use the exact same procedures as the current instructions call for. Simply treat it as the ‘liquid’ CLP version and all is THE SAME.

Because of the additive measures, FrogLube Extreme will be slightly more expensive than FrogLube’s current liquid CLP, but will remain within 10-20% of that pricing, AND WELL WORTH IT if where you live ever gets to freezing or below.


FrogLube Extreme will be available for purchase very soon from the usual retailers such as www.RainierArms.com as well as on www.FrogLube.com.