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Next Level Armament Ambi Charging Handle for M&P22 Carbine

Posted on October 10th, 2015 by ar15news

Next Level Armament has begun testing their new Ambi Charging Handle of the M&P22 carbine. There are a ton of guys with M&P22 rifles that build them up just like their for cheaper training purposes. Unfortunately there are some limitations as to how similar you can mirror your standard AR such as charging handles. For the most part, there really aren’t a ton of good ambi charging handles available for the M&P22 rifles. Next Level Armament makes a great AR-15 ambi charging handle and has recently begun testing on their new M&P22 Carbine Ambi Charging Handle. This will give you the exact same look, feel and action as your standard AR but with the affordable shooting of a .22lr rifle. You can take a look at the pictures below. Hoping to see this¬†much needed product released soon.¬†

Do yourself a favor and check out the awesome stuff over at

NLA ambi CH for the M&P 22 carbine 2

NLA ambi CH for the M&P 22 carbine 2

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